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About UsAt Aatman we truly believe everyone should look and feel beautiful each and every day. We know that feeling our best requires us to keep ourselves well physically and emotionally as each is interconnected. Our services offer an integrated approach to help you feel extraordinary once again.


Meet Our Team

Vin_Govindan__Web_Resolution003Vin (Director)

Vin has 20 years experience in the beauty and wellness industry. She is qualified as a Massage Therapist, Aromatherapist, Beauty Therapist, Reiki Master, NLP Practitioner and holds a Masters of Business Administration (MBA).

Vin’s vision for Aatman Wellness & Medispa is to inspire people to be the best they can be and to help them achieve that. She truly believes that each of us was born to be extraordinary.

NatashaNatasha (Clinic Manager & Senior Therapist)

Natasha has been working in the medical aesthetic and cosmetic industry for 6 years. Throughout her advanced training and experiences in the industry, she has gained great knowledge of the skin and how to treat many skin conditions, allowing her to fully utilise our advanced equipment to obtain the very best results.

Having seen almost every skin concern & condition, Natasha realises the importance of inner health and outer health balance. She consults with our specialised practitioners to come up with a tailored plan to suit your individual needs.

DebbieDebbie (Senior Therapist)

Deb has 14 years experience in the beauty/laser industry. With her wealth of knowledge, she is dedicated to achieving result driven treatments, and being aware of clients needs and concerns. Through life experience Deb has a thorough understanding of how emotions, hormones and experiences can all relate to the external body be it skin or hair.

Passionate about skin health and rejuvenation, Deb believes in educating her clients into how to achieve the best results for their concerns, be it skin treatments or laser hair removal. By sharing her knowledge and tailoring a treatment plan to the specific needs of her clients, you will feel at ease with her confidence.

Zan (Kinesiologist)

Zan is certified by The International College of Professional Kinesiology Practice (ICPKP), and is one of a small number of Practitioners in Queensland to complete the highest level of training in a wide variety of techniques taught by highly qualified Kinesiologists. In addition, Zan is part of small group of Kinesiologists to hold the highest qualification in Australia and recognized internationally and hold membership with AIK and ATMS.


shakinghands1016734_640We use state of the art technology to get you results. See our client results for yourself, click here


imagesWe strive to give our clients an exceptional experience. Each client is like a guest in our home and so our aim is to take exceptional care of you. Don’t take our word for it, see what our clients are saying about Aatman Wellness & Medispa, click here.


Your existence is testimony to the fact that you are a magnificent miracle. Each miracle is destined to shine. Your inner light burns bright when you follow your dream. Learn and grow each day. Take action today towards your goals, as each day matters because tomorrow is not guaranteed. Your success matters as it gives hope to others. Take others on your journey, as solo can be a lonely place. Express your love, joy and kindness to all those who matter to you. Make fun, laughter and adventure the norm. Let your imagination take you to new heights. Be and deliver your best and expect the same from others. It is your destiny to be extraordinary.