Terms & Conditions


  1. All terms and conditions must be agreed upon prior to purchasing all products and services
  2. Offers are non-transferable in part and/or whole between persons, nor can it be exchanged for a different area.
  3. Under no circumstance is offers in part and/or whole able to be redeemed for cash.
  4. Once purchased, a promotion is not refundable, nor can the value be used towards other treatments.
  5. Clients must agree to sign all consent forms and comply with Aatman Wellness & Medispa pre and post care instructions provided by Aatman Wellness & Medispa staff.
  6. Pre-purchased series of 4 treatments are valid for 6 months from date of first treatment. Pre-purchased series of 6 treatments are valid for 9 months from date of first treatment.
  7. 24 hour cancellation is required for rescheduling. If sufficient notice is not provided the treatment will be forfeited.
  8. Promotions can end at any time at the discretion of management and without any notice to the public or staff.
  9. Paid Gift vouchers can be used to purchase promotional offers so long as the original gift voucher purchased was not purchased in conjunction with another promotional offer.
  10. Gift vouchers donated by Aatman Wellness & Medispa in any promotion cannot be used towards any other promotion, cosmetic injectable treatments or retail products.
  11. Promotions cannot be used to discount any cosmetic injectable services, wellness services and/or retail products.
  12. Promotions cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.
  13. These terms and conditions can be read on Aatman Wellness & Medispa website or in clinic.
  14. Confidential photo documentation must be taken for internal review and/or treatment progress assessments. These photographs will not be used externally and/or for marketing purposes without prior written and signed consent by the client.

$50 Gift Voucher Offer

  1. Offer available to new clients of Aatman Wellness & Medispa
  2. Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer
  3. Offer cannot be used for cosmetic injectables or retail products
  4. Offer must be used within 30 days of receiving the offer

Aatman Membership Offer

  1. To achieve optimal results, Aatman membership programs must be followed as directed by your Wellness Practitioner and/or Skin and Laser Technician.
  2. Aatman Membership programs are valid for four (12) months from date of purchase.
  3. Date of Aatman Membership program validation may be extended for medical reasons, but is solely up to the discretion of the Clinic Manager/ Owner.
  4. All general clinic and treatment terms and conditions must be agreed upon prior to purchasing a Aatman Wellness program.
  5. By purchasing a Aatman Wellness program you agree to undertake the recommended wellness & skin corrective treatments and only use the prescribed cosmeceutical skin care at home during treatment.
  6. Aatman Wellness & Medispa takes no responsibility if result expectations are not met when a client does not follow strict treatment and before and after care protocol, and/or use the full suite of cosmeceutical skin care as well as maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  7. Upon completion of the program, ongoing maintenance of treatments and cosmeceuticals may still be required to maintain skin health and/or desired results.
  8. It is solely up to the discretion of the practitioner, if the client is able to swap any treatment/s with an alternate service at equal or lesser value.
  9. Missed treatments within the 12 month period will be forfeited.